Mercury's transit 2019 is over ...

... and as our first "earth-bound" visualization of Mercury's parallaxe effect with respect to the sun we show here a superposition of two pictures which have been simultaneously taken at 13:00 UT from Rosario SF, Argentina, by Aldo Kleiman and from Gifhorn, Germany, by B. Brandt.

Mercury's parallaxe with respect to the sun
as photgraphed from Argentina and Germany

Results (preliminary)

First combinations

Because of bad weather many of us could not observe the transit. Nevertheless, some have been successful. As the very first results we show here the effect of Mercury's parallaxe as photographed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory SDO and observed and photographed by Ronald Schünecke and his Projektkurs Astronomie am Evangelischen Gymnasium in Lippstadt, and B. Brandt in Gifhorn, Germany.
Projektkurs Astronomie
Lippstadt, Germany
and SDO, 12:45:00
πS ≈ 8.8" - 10.5"
B. Brandt,
Gifhorn, Germany
and SDO, 13:00:00 UT
πS ≈ 10.8" - 12.2"

Other "earth-bound" parallaxe effects

Rosario, Argentina - Gifhorn, Germany
13:00:09/13:00:00 UT
A. Kleiman - B. Brandt
πS ≈ 8.7" - 9.5"
Medellín, Columbia - Rosario, Argentina
17:00:00 UT
E. Torres - A. Kleiman
πS ≈ ???
Bamberg, Germany - Rosario, Argentina
13:30:00 UT
K. Völkel - A. Kleiman
πS = 8.8" ± 2.7"

Editor: Udo Backhaus
 last update: 2021-04-07